Air hoists

A hoist cannot be selected solely on the basis of its load capacity. Ease of operation, type of task, frequency of use, required speed and fineness of control are important factors to consider. The LIFTMASTER air chain hoist can basically be used wherever electric hoists work. In addition, it is particularly suitable for explosive areas and in corrosive environments, because its motor is inherently spark-proof and extremely insensitive to environmental influences. Cost-intensive protective measures are therefore not even necessary.

Compact and lightweight
Small dimensions and a lightweight design make the LIFTMASTER air chain hoist ideal for low installation conditions.

Variable speed
Unlimited speed changes allow accurate and precise positioning of the load. The knotted chain control is very control-sensitive thanks to the direct connection with the shifting rod.

Smooth start and stop
The LIFTMASTER air chain hoist offers a high level of operating safety. Soft start reduces wear, because gentle operation of the air hoists results in less vibration and longer service life of the units.

Best economy
Thanks to its low air consumption and favourable purchase price, the LIFTMASTER air chain hoist is very profitable.

For loads up to 120 kg, we have the LIFTMASTER EHW pneumatic wire rope hoist as a practical addition to our product range.

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