Company philosophy

Your satisfaction is our success

  1. It is not our aim to do everything in our power to achieve the fastest growth in this sector. Instead, our long-term aim is to remain the company with the most satisfied customers, employees and suppliers.

  2. We seek to achieve the long-term satisfaction of our partners through reliability, through the consistently high quality of our goods and services, through high levels of product availability and through having the shortest possible delivery lead times.

  3. We strive on each occasion to provide our customers with the best solution at the best possible price. To us, best quality means always showing our customers the approach to a solution that best corresponds to their requirements, to enable them to be successful in the face of daily competition. For us, quality also encompasses personal advice, as well as dependability in terms of delivery and service.

  4. In-depth technical know-how, the experience gained as one of the longest-standing companies in the sector and the flat hierarchies of an owner-managed family business help us to achieve our objectives.

  5. Continuous improvement of products, processes and services, inwards as well as outwards, defines our actions.

  6. Values such as mutual tolerance, respect, friendliness and an open-minded approach to the new, coupled with a relationship with all partners founded upon trust, are for us not simply a means to an end. Instead, they constitute an integral aspect of the primary objectives and purpose of our company.

  7. Motivated, qualified employees who are willing to learn constitute the basis for our sustained success. To implement our philosophy and to safeguard our futures, we place great importance upon the development of our employees in terms of their personal goals as well as of objectives relevant to the business.

  8. We guarantee a high level of job security with our products. To embed this notion of security within our company in an enduring manner, we set high demands in relation to workplace safety in production, assembly and service, as well as in all other areas of the company.

  9. Quality policy, health & safety at work (HSW) and the protection of our environment and natural resources are not tangential issues for us. Instead, they all constitute integral components of how we get things done. We consciously and consistently seek to outperform legislative obligations, to call upon all of our employees to implement these successfully and in an enduring manner, and to improve these three areas continuously. To communicate our principles to the outside world as well, we have had all three of these areas certified by renowned institutions.

  10. We are convinced that we can only contend with daily challenges in an enduring and sustainably successful manner by having satisfied customers and partners. This is the only way in which we can achieve our objectives over the long term. This is what we have been working on since 1861, taking each and every day as a new opportunity.


 Christian Klawitter          Matthias Klawitter          Detlev Middelhauve

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